plasma GRIPefc 


plasmaGRIPefc   LAYER  = Diamond or SiC particles individual deposit (“brazed”) on substrate surfaces

Increase of friction is a key technology in order to increase power efficiency.

Based on defined friction enhancement on slip-critical joints by SmartLayerPlasma technology the components can be optimized in terms of higher load transmission, less weightminimization in dimensions and no “fretting”  without any loss of power.


                    Portfolio                                                                                                    Diamond vs. Silicon Carbide



Outstanding Performance / USP      

first physical process to apply hard particles world-wide  

tested and approved at the Technical University of Chemnitz (German authority)

friction enhancement > factor 4 (up to 6 times possible)

no restrictions on dimensions 

easy to mask-> coating on complex shapes

assembly and disassembly possible 

patent pending

layer can be heated or frozen






particles controlled distributed on the surface                            hard particles penetrates into base and counterpart

                                                                                                              and provide superior mechanical micro-interlocking properties

                                                                                                              that prevent slippage



  Structure of plasmaGRIPefc  surface                                          Surface of Counter Part after joining (disassembled)


 Substrates                                                                                          Industries


•          steel and stainless-steel                                                      automotive, wind power plants, engineering parts, test rigs

•          carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFK)                            engineering

•          polyamide (PA), polymers in general

•          castings

•          aluminum components                                                                                     

•          magnesium parts  

•           sintered parts